Young High Energy Physicists Association

Young scientists are essential for the sustainable and sustained development in high­-energy physics. Not only are they contributing extensively to the current experimental and theoretical advances, they will also be tomorrow’s teachers, experimentalists, theorists and decision­ makers at the forefront of science. At all stages of all relevant management and decision processes a strong involvement of young scientists is therefore desirable and necessary.

In order to organise a meaningful and significant impact of young scientists on today’s and tomorrow’s decision processes in particle, astroparticle, hadron, nuclear and accelerator physics, a coordination of interests among young scientists on a national level is essential.

The yHEP association defines and expresses interests and goals of young scientists in all areas of KET (Komitee für Elementarteilchenphysik), KAT (Komitee für Astroteilchenphysik), KfB (Komitee für Beschleunigerphysik) and KHuK (Komitee für Hadron­ und Kernphysik) activities seeking the largest consensus possible. A management board represents the association to other committees / bodies as well as to the public.


The association of young High Energy Physicists thanks DESY for kindly hosting its web pages. yHEP is not related to DESY.