Collections of links

As yHEP, we would like to make you aware of the possibilities to help the Ukrainian people in this challenging time, either through your collaboration at work, through organisations such as CERN, or through donations, to mention a few. We are collecting several links at the bottom where you can find more information. Please let us know if you know of more, and we can gather and share them. Contact: yhep-info[at]

Collections of links:

  • ATLAS collaboration, collection of links [link]
  • Contacts and verified information, Uniwersytet Wroclawski (PL) [link]
  • Help forum, CERN Mattermost [link]
  • Donations: https://www.spendenkonto-nothilfe.de
  • Open letter of Russian scientists and science journalists [link]
  • Support program for researchers from Ukraine, TUM [link]
  • Support services, University of Freiburg [link]
  • Support program for endangered researchers, Philipp Schwartz-Initiative [link]
  • Support (academic and financial help), TU Darmstadt [link]
  • Support program, Hessen University [link]
  • Support program, Humboldt-Universität Berlin [link]
  • Support program for researchers holding a PhD degree, Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SE) [link]
  • Visiting scientist positions for Ukrainian researchers (SE) [link]
  • Statement, CERN [link]
  • Statement, DPG [link]
  • Statement and collection of links, DESY [link]
  • Statement, the alliance of the science organisations in Germany [DE] [EN]