Working Groups

How you can participate

We are using two tools to facilitate the discussion within the working groups: Slack and Trello. If you would like to participate or just keep yourself up-to-date on the current developments, join the discussion on


Overview of the Current Working Groups in yHEP

As outcome of our general meeting in 2017, the following five working groups have been defined. Each working group is currently also associated to a mailing list (as given below). If you would like to have your say on any of these topics, you can join the working groups via subscribing to the respective mailing list.

Awareness and communication

Goal: Create awareness among political bodies and decision takers for the situation of young scientists. Lay out strategies for communication with decision takers. Express required/desired changes. The WG "working conditions" is thought to deliver input about what should be communicated.


Working conditions

Precarious working conditions for many young scientists are a fact. This WG is intended to collect present working conditions for young scientists, summarise them, and propose required changes for an improvement. At best, make a prioritised list of actions to be taken.


Career planning

The WG’s goal is to collect strategies/opportunities/programmes for young scientists to find jobs in either science or industry. A focus could be put on career planning in science. E.g. a list of all programmes for young researchers could be compiled, including Emmy-Noether, ERC, YIG, etc. Also, there are career training programmes like DPG Leading for tomorrow, project managing courses and more to help boost your career.


Future of HEP

Decisions in particle physics on today’s large projects reach back decades. Hence, we should discuss and shape our opinion on future projects in HEP like ILC, CLIC, IAXO, CepC, FCCee, etc. Further points to discuss include the importance of computing, good software development, R&D for detectors and the appreciation of these tasks in the field of HEP.


Funding for yHEP

For future activities, a funding for the yHEP association is beneficial. Funding could be used to host and organise workshops, invite speakers, etc. This WG should figure out funding opportunities and/or corporations that could be done to finance yHEP.